Marketing mix development for new private township
Privilege is a gated community located on the shore of Shershni's reservoir in fifteen minutes from the center of Chelyabinsk.

Client: Development Company FlyPlaning

1. Promotion through five main channels which are united with general concept.
2. Complex 4P
3. Market analytics
5. 3D visualization
6. Website
7. Advertising company
8. Video production
July 2017: Demand and price for apartments in the residential real estate market of Chelyabinsk has been falling for three years.
193 real estate objects in Chelyabinsk and also 74 objects within a radius of 30 km from the city were built in July 2017. Total area was 2 130 514 square meters (1 671 028 and 459 486 square meters respectively)

The structure of the primary real estate market under construction in July 2017 was presented as follows: 72% are panel houses and 28% are buildings based on monolithic-frame construction of brick.
It was a huge amount of ready built primary residence near the building area. And it wasn't realized in 2014-2017.
There is a competing village with its existing infrastructure in a 500 meters from Privilege. It had unsold houses of the same class with total area 11 000 square meters and total cost 400 000 000 rubles in July 2017.
Key points of the product were worked out, unique market offers were introduced and a comprehensive marketing concept of product promotion was developed on the basis of marketing research.
We offered developer to implement a number of activities because of difficult economic conditions and a competitive environment before the market entry. Its aim was to acquaint potential buyers with the site and to collect the necessary materials for the promotional campaign. Settlement competitive advantages were developed, as well as testing of design solutions among potential buyers.
The first event in the Privilege with the studio "Nakrivaem"
A number of events was held in the Privilege before the start of sales
Collaborations with bloggers: we created a reality-show and invited famous local real estate and urban experts to increase the interest among the audience. The reality show ran at the same time with the advertising campaign organized according to the special authors concept. It united classic media channels and some digital tools.
The reality-show with experts and a blogger «Chelyabinsk's urbanist» was organized as a part of the promotion
A number of events was held in Privilege before the start of sale
Result: 35% of flats was pre-odered at the project stage during a month and a half of the advertising campaign.